Interesting development on the Transatlantic, could be  that the end of the capacity shortage may come to an end.






New Transatlantic Services: Liberty Solo + Vespucci
USA to North Europe
Effective May 2015

Dear Valued Customer,
The launching of our new LIBERTY SOLO service in January 2015 has been a successful development of our CMA CGM offer on the Transatlantic trade. The service has a good reputation in the market and has been sailing at full capacity from its very first voyage in mid-January 2015.

Under consideration of the growing market between Europe and North America, its positive outlook in the forthcoming period and in order to meet our customers’ expectations for additional space on our Transatlantic services, we are happy to advise that we will keep the LIBERTY SOLO service active while simultaneously launching the new VESPUCCI service end of May 2015.

Therefore, starting the last week of May 2015, CMA CGM will offer 4 loops on the TRANSAT trade from north Europe to US:

Operated as standalone service with 4 vessels of 1800-2000 nominal capacity fully operated by CMA CGM.


A new port of call will be offered: BALTIMORE


Rotation: Rotterdam – Bremerhaven – Le Havre – New York – Baltimore – Charleston back to Rotterdam
New rotation starting week 22



Operated in partnership with Hamburg Sud and UASC, the service will deploy 15 vessels of 4500 nominal capacity, out of which 9 will be provided by CMA CGM.


Rotation : Antwerp – Rotterdam – Bremerhaven – Le Havre – Southampton – New York – Norfolk – Charleston – Savannah – (Caribbean/Asia/Caribbean) – Savannah – Charleston – Norfolk – New York back to Antwerp.

First E/B voyage : ETS SAV 5/16, CHS 5/17, ORF 5/19, NYC 5/21.



Operated as stand alone with a deployment of 6 vessels of 4500 nominal capacity all provided by CMA CGM.
The rotation is unchanged: Le Havre – Antwerp – Rotterdam – Bremerhaven – Charleston – Miami – Veracruz – Altamira – Houston – New Orleans – Miami back to Le Havre

Operated in partnership with 6 vessels of 2500 nominal capacity, out of which 5 are provided by CMA CGM
The fortnightly rotation is unchanged : Rotterdam – Tilbury – Dunkerque – Le Havre – New York (Redhook) – Savannah – (Caribbean/Pac) – Savannah – Philadelphia back to Rotterdam.

The combination of these loops will provide the most comprehensive offer on the TRANSAT north Europe trade.

• 3 loops to NYC and CHS
• 2 loops to SAV
• USEC/Gulf coverage extended with a total of 8 ports served on weekly frequency
• North Europe coverage also extended with a total of 5 ports served on weekly frequency.

Thank you for your continued support. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact your local CMA CGM sales representative. For current schedule activity please visit our Web site at
Best regards,
CMA CGM (America) LLC