Phising Attack With Fake CMA-CGM Email Address


Effective September 30, 2015


Dear Valued Customer,


There is an on-going massive and fraudulent email attack, which is apparently targeting many customers and suppliers maintaining a business relationship with CMA CGM on a global basis.


The email dispatched is using a fake account under the name “CMA CGM Accounts Payable: CAROLE GUILBERT”, purportedly working at CMA CGM. This name does not exist within the CMA CGM Group anywhere in the world.
These emails are a “Phishing” attempt aimed at stealing valuable information or material from targeted companies, and quite possible establishing a foothold prior to launching further attacks to defraud these companies. The emails can be readily identified from the following email address:



Please note the extra ‘n’ in the email address.


Please remain vigilant with respect to emails as referenced above, and if in doubt about the authenticity of any messages from our company, contact your CMA CGM representative.
Thank you,
CMA CGM (America) LLC