CMA today informs as follows:




Effective September 15, 2014, unless otherwise specified, a special equipment additional (Precarriage or Oncarriage) shall apply to all U.S. inland point shipments arranged by the carrier moving via truck (motor) transport mode, whether all motor or combined motor/rail transport, or ramp inland points requiring cross-town drayage.
This additional shall apply, per unit, for cargo moves described under sections A) OR B) listed, whether U.S. inland rate is included in base ocean rate or if inland rate is applied under inland construction basis. For the purpose of this rule charge covers provision of special chassis in conjunction with cost for road overweight permit as required within U.S. inland point movement.

Special equipment additional charge:
USD 225 per 20’ container
USD 300 per 40’ or 45’ container

A) If Carrier must arrange provision of Special chassis equipment for any reason, special equipment additional charge shall apply.

B) If weight of container cargo Gross weight (defined as cargo weight including packaging but excluding container, chassis and traction unit) EXCEEDS weights levels listed herein.
20′ Dry 17.3 Metric Tons or 38,200 Lbs
20′ Reefer 15.9 Metric Tons or 35,053 Lbs
40′ Standard 20.1 Metric Tons or 44,313 Lbs
40′ High Cube 20.0 Metric tons or 44,092 Lbs
40′ Reefer Standard 17.8 Metric Tons or 39,242 Lbs
40′ Reefer High Cube 17.6 Metric Tons or 38,801 Lbs
45′ Dry 20.0 Metric tons or 44,092 Lbs