It really gets complicated now, CMA again circulates on the PCS and lifts it for Oakland and Seattle, while they keep it for Los Angeles:





Customer Advisory #116 – 2014
Port Congestion Surcharge
USWC Imports – Weekly Update
Effective November 26, 2014

Dear Valued Customer,
As we advised on November 22, 2014, CMA CGM is committing to reviewing the unpredictable labor situation on the USWC in an effort to minimize impact to customers to the fullest extent possible. With that goal in mind, CMA CGM has determined that while productivity levels remain below average in Oakland and Seattle, the levels are high enough, and congestion is limited enough, to justify suspension of the surcharge for these ports of discharge at this time.

The charge will remain in effect for cargo received for discharge in the ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach on or after November 26, 2014, due to the continued shorting of labor and severe congestion in those locations.
CMA CGM will reassess on a weekly basis and advise whether the charge remains in effect or will be suspended for cargo received for each USWC port during that week. These applicability/suspension dates will be published in our tariff, communicated via customer advisories, and will be posted to our website,



As a reference, the surcharge amounts in effect are as follows:
For cargo received on or after November 26, 2014
POD: Los Angeles / Long Beach



Size Type Level (USD)
20’ (all types) $800

40’ (all types) $1000

20′ HC (all types) USD 1100

45’ (all types) $1266

53’ (all types) $1600


PODs Seattle and Oakland: Not applicable



Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all jointly try to work through the current congestion challenges on the USWC.