Amended version: Low Sulphur Surcharge

Dear Customers,
At CSAV we are very worried about the environmental protection avoiding any impact we may cause. For that purpose, and following the international environmental regulations, we will introduce a new Low Sulphur Charge (LSC) effective from January 1st 2015 in order to offset additional costs incurred by using cleaner fuels in the Emission Control Areas (ECA).


By publishing this new surcharge separately from the bunker cost we want to show transparency to our customers regarding the new costs CSAV will incur due to environmental requirements.



 As from January 1st 2015 new legal requirements will apply in Emission Control Areas (ECA) in North Europe (including Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel) and North America (200 nautical miles from American and Canadian shore) which will lower the maximum allowed content of sulphur in fuel burned in ECA’s to 0.1% sulphur from today’s 1.0%

 In order to follow these regulations CSAV will need to incur on significant additional fuel costs. Marine diesel with a sulphur content of 0.1% is USD 300/tons higher than currently used fuel with 1.0% sulphur



 Applying this fuel change we will have a very positive environmental impact by reducing sulphur emissions in approximately 90% in ECA areas. CSAV Group will strictly follow the ECA regulations in order to protect the people and the environment.

Below table indicates new Low Sulphur Charge (LSC) per TEU for CSAV Group trades affected by this surcharge. This surcharge will be applied equally to dry and reefer containers.