Very much to our surprise Evergreen today announced a congestion surcharge for the port of loading Rotterdam in the westbound trade to USA.

The reason for this surcharge are these news:

Europe’s busiest box port, Rotterdam, is facing weeks of congestion as one of its main terminals completes an upgrade and the impact

of out-of-schedule vessel calls takes its toll.

ECT Delta Terminal is adding five new quay cranes, automated guided vehicles and automated stacking cranes.

But as a result, the south side of the Delta Terminal is out of action while the new cranes are installed.

The surcharge will be applied on or after July 09, 2014, if necessary, subject to the Carrier provides related notice in this tariff.
The amounts are:

USD 800 per 20′ container

USD 1000 per 40′ container

USD 1000 per 40′ high-cube container
(charges of reefer and special equipment are the same as tariff of dry cargo)

This charge shall continue to be assessed until the time as the Carrier provides further notice in this tariff that the impact of the congestion on its operations has ended.
The increase is valid for all existing Tariff Rates, Special Quotations, as well as Service Contracts.

We will see, if this charges will really be applied.

Stay tuned for our news!