Herewith we would like to draw your attention with additional information on the consequences low water situation.


It will  affect our C/H business for (LIH/DIH: Loading Inland Haulage/Delivery Inland Haulage) arrangement with Barge/Truck transport in below area:

Via Port/Gateway :  Rotterdam, Antwerp

Country : Germany & France

Transmode : Barge/Truck (BT) mode


The water levels will further falling down accordance with the weather forecasts. Meanwhile our main barge operator announced (per below notice) current low water surcharge has reached  sky high amount additional (EUR475 ~ EUR 625) and expect the next days their barges are no longer able to provide BT service.


Since or barge operators cannot guarantee fix barge sailings any longer or are close to the time that all barge transports will be stopped, we strongly suggest immediately NOT to offer DIH/LIH tariff by BT mode untill further notice.