China, the high-speed railway moguls


By Staff reporter 12 minutes ago 09:50 2015/11/30

China has the world’s longest high-speed rail network with over 16 000 km of track
In just eight years, China has built the largest network of high-speed railways at home on its own turf.
And now, according to Luo Xunzhi writing in Beijing for Macao Magazine, it wants to do the same around the world.
The plan includes a line to link Beijing and Moscow, and routes across South America from the Atlantic to the Pacific and across Africa from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic. Something that, said Luo Xunzhi “the European colonial powers never achieved”.
According to the official Chinese media, the country is now in talks with 28 countries on high-speed rail projects. They have printed maps showing lines from Harbin to London, via Astana, Moscow, Kiev and Warsaw and from Urumqi to Germany via Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran. There is even a route from Harbin through Siberia across the Bering Straits to Alaska and Canada