In theory shipping is easy: Move the cargo from A to B and have B clear with authorities. Instead, the carrier gets drawn into all sorts of stuff, which really is none of his business as a carrier. Here now the latest news on GHANA ASHI:





Dear all, please be advised, with effect from bill of lading date 1st March 2015, that all cargo to Ghana will require Advanced Shipment Information (ASHI).

Each bill of lading will require a validated ASHI document issued at loadport and please note such ASHI document number must be added to bill of lading and manifest data.

Insertion of ASHI number on bill of lading / manifest is mandatory fom 1st March.

Ghana Shippers’ Authority has appointed Antaser Afrique as worldwide managing agent for implementation of such system and issuance of required documentation.

Shippers are obliged to contact Antaser or appointed sub agents in respective ports of loading to complete necessary formalities.

Should there be any modifications to these instructions, due ongoing discussions locally,  Grimaldi Lines will advise in due course but for now please apply / instruct as per above.


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