Hapag Lloyd informs as follows:


Dear Customer,
We have experienced a significant deterioration of the service level at the Hamburg Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB) during the last 2 weeks.
It was not possible to continuously offer free berth capacity for feeder vessels; turnaround times increased for truck operations; rail operations have been delayed and a backlog has been created as a result.
This current situation is severely disturbing the receiving and delivery of containers and delays are unavoidable. It is, however, not as severe as the one in February and March of this year, when we had significant increases in vessel delays and box dwell times.
We are looking at alternative options and are working with all transport providers and the terminal to improve the operation and to minimize the impact for our customers.
Due to the increasingly difficult situation, which is beyond our control, we are forced to recover the additional costs. Therefore we will charge the following costs irrespective of whether carrier or merchant haulage is involved or not, with immediate effect:
 Additional truck haulage between diverted rail terminal and the container terminal CTB: EUR 190 / per box
 Demurrage for carriers and merchant haulage transports at the container terminal CTB as per published HL tariff (delayed delivery at the terminal, missed departure, late pick-up)
We will keep you informed as the situation develops. Thank you for your kind understanding.