CAF surcharge announcement


Dear Valued Customer,

In view and as a consequence of the considerable depreciation of the Euro against the US Dollar in recent months, we wish to inform you on the implementation of a
CAF surcharge on the trades between Europe/UK and the Mediterranean/Levant and vice versa for all rate agreements payable in Euro.


CAF will be applied on all shipments sailing on or after April 1, 2015 as follows:  EUR 25 per TEU


This measure is taken in order to be able to offer our customers a continuous and reliable service and ensure the sustainability of the service network. CAF will be reviewed regularly depending on further developments of the exchange rate.

We thank you for your kind understanding your continuous support.
Should you require more information, please contact your local Hamburg Süd office.
Contact details may be found on: www.hamburgsud-line.com/offices
With best regards,
Hamburg Süd
March 2015