Hapag was the first to put the issues with the truckings in the USA on the table for the customers.

Pls see here:

Due to reasons beyond the control of Hapag-Lloyd, the domestic and international trucking industries are facing challenges which have a dramatic effect on truck power in the United States.
Demand for drayage services currently exceeds capacity as a result of many factors including but not limited to:
 Governmental regulations
 Infrastructure and congestion
 Fewer entrants into the job market
 Increasing cost of operations
 High service demand
We wish to inform you that carrier haulage deliveries may be effected by the lack of available truck power.
As such, please expect potential delivery delays. All associated costs which result from any delays, such as: Storage, Demurrage, Waiting Costs, Dry Run Fees, etc., are for the account of the cargo.

Strange, that customers should have to pay for problems in the oncarriage with carriers haulage?