Definitely this will not be an easy task, Hapag comes up with the following details:





Dear Customer,

In this third edition of our Customer News, we will focus on our forthcoming voyage cut-over programme which refers to the addition of the former CSAV services to the Hapag-Lloyd network.
As we enter the key phase of the transition period, our strong emphasis on business continuity and customer focus continues to prevail and our dedicated local teams are available to assist with any questions you may have.
In addition you can also use our central email address to submit your questions and suggestions regarding the combination of our businesses:
The next newsletter will be published in the beginning of March.
Kind regards,
Hapag-Lloyd CSAV


February 2015
 Voyage Cut-Over Details (Phase 1)
The pinnacle of the integration is the voyage cut-over. This is when CSAV business will gradually be transferred to the Hapag-Lloyd brand.
CSAV and Hapag-Lloyd services will be integrated into one worldwide service network.

We have everything prepared to perform a smooth transfer of the operative business. This newsletter contains an overview of the upcoming voyage cut-over and further helpful information to assist with the transition.

CSAV business continues as today until the last voyage has been transferred into the new network. The entire voyage cut-over process starts in the beginning of March and will be completed by the end of June.

The voyage cut-over programme will be performed in two phases:

Phase 1 includes services that Hapag-Lloyd & CSAV both offer to our customers today.
Phase 2 includes services currently offered by CSAV that will become part of the new joint network.

Phase 1 covers six services and the first vessel sailing (ETS) is from the port of Le Havre, France on March 25, 2015. Please note Documentation cut-off dates will be as stipulated in the Booking Confirmation.

Phase 2 covers 25 services (incl. Feeder services) and the first vessel sailing (ETS) is from the port of Paranagua, Brazil on April 13, 2015.
Below you will see an example of Phase 1 voyage cut-over details. (Details on Phase 2 will be advised in due course.)



 Voyage cut-over look up tool
As we merge the two networks into a single Hapag-Lloyd network, we have developed a spreadsheet tool to make it easy to highlight the change from a CSAV operated vessel to Hapag-Lloyd operated vessels. This will indicate which company you should contact to take your booking and issue your Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill.
Your sales executive will provide this voyage cut-over list which we trust will assist in providing transparency in the final step of bringing our companies together. We look forward to serving you with our enhanced global service network.


 e-Business – Registrations
The combined organization is committed to providing CSAV customers with e-Business continuity. Hapag-Lloyd will ensure that existing registrations with CSAV e-Commerce portals and schedule subscriptions will be transferred to Hapag-Lloyd to ensure the same channel usage as with CSAV. Customers will be informed about pre-registration for the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business in due course.
CSAV customers using INTTRA or GT-Nexus will be mapped to Hapag-Lloyd for a smooth integration and be informed accordingly. Customers using different e-channels with CSAV and Hapag-Lloyd should stay with the current Hapag-Lloyd channel as a main guideline.


 Bill of Lading / Sea Waybill Terms & Conditions
For each trade on which the voyage cut-over has been implemented CSAV customers will receive Hapag-Lloyd Bills of Lading or Sea Waybills only; all such shipments will be subject to the respective Hapag-Lloyd Terms and Conditions which can be viewed on our website.
For cabotage and flag restricted trades (Conosur) the respective carrier remains unchanged, however, as of the voyage cut-over new Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions apply. The respective Terms and Conditions can be viewed on our website.
This edition of our transition letter as well as all subsequent publications will be posted on the Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV websites for future reference.
The next Customer News will be published in the beginning of March when details of our Phase 2 are finalized. Your sales executive will contact you within the next days to discuss with you the voyage cut-over details.