Dear Customer,


We would like to inform you that the vessel “Rio Grande Express” will phase out of the EAX service in Genoa.

All cargo will be transferred directly to the replacement vessel “Pinehurst Kontor” voyage 5052.

All round voyage transit times will remain unchanged.


The export port rotation in Europe and Egypt will be as follows:


  • Tilbury              17-Dec-2015      (cut off 16-Dec, 16:00)
  • Rotterdam         19-Dec-2015      (cut off 18-Dec, 06:00)
  • Hamburg           21-Dec-2015      (cut off 20-Dec, 07:00)
  • Le Havre           23-Dec-2015      (cut off 22-Dec, 16:00)
  • Fos sur Mer      28-Dec-2015      (cut off 24-Dec, 12:00)
  • Genoa              31-Dec-2015      (cut off 30-Dec, 07:30)
  • Damietta           02-Jan-2016      (cut off 02-Jan, 10:00)



For further information please find the corresponding CustomerInfo letter attached.



Kind regards,


Hapag-Lloyd AG
Area Germany

Rosenstraße 17
D-20095 Hamburg