Atlantic Product Change – AMS Manifesting / ISF-5 Security Filing Requirements
AX2 – Savannah westbound call added
MGX – Port Everglades westbound call added



May 9, 2016


Dear Customer,


With reference to the previous CustomerInfo of April 14, 2016, April 19, 2016, April 21, 2016 and April 29, 2016 informing you about forthcoming changes on our Atlantic product we wish to provide you an update on the AMS manifesting/ISF-5 security filing requirements when Savannah westbound is added to the AX2 service and Port Everglades westbound to the MGX service. Then both US ports will be called prior to
any ports called in Mexico and Jamaica.


Cargo destined to these countries will become FROB (Foreign Cargo Remaining On Board) cargo whereby US Customs + Border Protection (CBP) requires security filings. Therefore, Hapag-Lloyd is required to transmit shipment data for Mexican cargo not only to Mexico Customs, as already required, but also to US CBP 24 hours prior to loading at the latest. Also Jamaica cargo booked on MGX is affected, shipment data will have to filed with CBP.


 Direct customer business: Security filing is based on regular B/L and will be handled by Hapag-Lloyd
 NVOCC business (self-filer): Security filing is based on master and house Bs/L, data of master B/L will be filed by Hapag-Lloyd, data of house B(s)/L by NVOCC
 NVOCC business (non self-filer): Hapag-Lloyd will transmit data of master B/L as well as house B(s)/L


Additionally the US requires ISF-5 (Importer Security Filing) for FROB shipments.
In case of NVOCC (self filer) shipments, we kindly ask the NVOCC to ensure handling of ISF-5 filing based on the house B(s)/L.
Please note that our booking confirmation will contain an indicator to advise all customers whether shipments are AMS/ISF-5 relevant.
For further information please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office.
Kind Regards,
Hapag-Lloyd AG