Today we read:




starting with MOL Express 078w  G6 Group has changed terminal in Los Angeles due to ongoing congestion .

Pse note that terminal changed  from  San Pedro to Long Beach



[PA2] terminal change to USLGB/SSA


Please note PA2 service will call USLGB/SSA starting with MOL Express HEPE078W (ETA 9/17).


The duration is to be confirmed.


Route    VVD                                       PORT     TMNL    ETA                                        ETD

PA2        HEPE078W                          USLGB  SSA        WED      20140917             THU       20140918

PA2        HENC078W                         USLGB  SSA        WED      20140924             THU       20140925

PA2        HTUM096W                        USLGB  SSA        MON     20140929             TUE        20140930

PA2        HEDU078W                         USLGB  SSA        MON     20141006             TUE        20141007

PA2        AAOK074W                         USLGB  SSA        MON     20141013             TUE        20141014

PA2        HEFI069W                            USLGB  SSA        MON     20141020             TUE        20141021

PA2        HEGP071W                         USLGB  SSA        MON     20141027             TUE        20141028

PA2        HGRT063W                         USLGB  SSA        MON     20141103             TUE        20141104