This is what we got from Hyundai just now:




Kindly be herewith informed that HMM decided to adjust the Documentation Fee, B/L Correction Fee,
and Surrender Fee in order to maintain a higher level of service quality in your supply chain.
Due to ongoing congested port situations affecting normal operations in Rotterdam and Hamburg,
HMM also hereby announces the implementation of Congestion Surcharge for all containers being routed
by Carrier’s Haulage via relevant Ports.

1.) DOC, BCF, SCF fee for EXPORT cargoes from Germany and Austria for all Trades

All conditions under 1.) are subject to time of shipment and liable to be changed by HMM until further notice.



2.) Congestion Surcharge for traffic via Hamburg and Rotterdam

All surcharges under 2.) will be valid from the effective dates until further notice by HMM.