Please see here the details of their circular:





Dear Valued Customer:

In order to improve schedule integrity and enhance service quality, the AX1 service will shortly be amended as follows.




Currently 4 vessels operate on this string, but going forward a5thvessel, the MV “Osaka Express”will be added in order to enhance buffer time.




Additionally, in USA a call at Charlestonwill be added to the service rotation.




The new AX1 service itinerary will be:

Le Havre –Rotterdam –Hamburg –Southampton – New York –Norfolk –Charleston–Le Havre




The first effective sailing with the new pro-forma schedule including the addition of a Charleston call will be:




Westbound:MV “Houston Express”063W, eta Le Havre 13thNovember 2014

Eastbound:MV “Osaka Express”047E, eta New York 22ndNovember 2014




Thank-you for your continued support of HMM, and if you have any questions, please do contact your local HMM office