Dear customers,


please be advised that due to the easing of congestion at US West Coast ports HMM will reinstate CY and door deliveries from USWC ports.


The tariff filing has been revised and rates offered on our homepage are only valid for 30days starting from date 15/06/15 .

i.e. rates from 01/06 -14/06 mentioned are not valid for destinations via West Coast ports.


Although the congestion has eased at the ports the main challenge now faced is a lack of truckers to perform the door deliveries.

The new tariff filings from 15th June take into consideration the additional costs required to secure a trucker at current market rate levels but

do not guarantee delivery within a certain time frame .


There has been an increase to the rates and unfortunately there is no room to counter offer on them.

Below states have been affected by an increase and please note we would only offer door deliveries to below states in US.

If you receive inland request for any other delivery point off USWC ports, please contact us.


California (CA) / Arizona (AZ) / Nevada (NV) / Utah (UT) / Idaho (ID) / Wyoming (WY) / Montana (MT)  


We will not honour any inland rates in the current tariff or any rates valid between 01/06/15 and 14/06/15, so please take care when quoting

to your customers.


All rates should be offered via US West Coast ports only

We do not offer door delivery from Houston, the only option that exists from Houston to the US West Coast is Long Beach rail ramp.