We really appreciate any news that we get on the situation at the West Coast of the USA:





Further to our last update, and as has been widely reported, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union(ILWU) and Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) continue to negotiate a new contract for coverage of United States West Coast Ports.

Given the uncertainty of the situation on the US West Coast, please find attached our latest update focused especially ontheLos Angeles / Long Beach areas. Customers are however encouraged to monitor the status of labour negotiations directly at http://pmanet.org/news-infoin order to gauge possible outcomes of the negotiations.

In essence, cargo is subject to more frequent delay along the supply-chain,especially from vessel arrival delays due to industrial action/s, berthing conflicts,longer dwell times at marine terminals, constrained railcar supply preventing timely train departures, slower rail transit times, and extended truck deliveries plus delays in obtaining truck haulage due to truck (and driver) shortages.

It is anticipated that the situation will continue in the short term, HMM will however continue to monitor the situation, and work with all service providers to minimize transit delays and recover the situation as early as possible.

In the event that labour unrest so disrupts carrier’s operations and/or results in increased costs, any and all increased costs relating to the movement of cargo subject to ourtariff (HDMU-100) shall be for the account of the cargo. In tariff HDMU-100 anEmergency Congestion Surcharge (CGS) could be triggered (please refer HDMU-100 Rule 109). But at this moment, HMM are keeping the situation under review, and have not triggered this surcharge.

Meantime, thank-you for your continued support of HMM, and if you have any questions, please do contact your local HMM office.