6th November 2015


General Rate Increase – Asia Europe/Mediterranean Westbound Trade


Dear Valued “K” Line Customer,


Please be advised that “K” Line will increase rates on all cargoes moving from Far East ports (including Japan) to

North Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic States, West Mediterranean, East Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea as follows:


  • US$   1000 per 20ft container (Dry, Reefer and other special containers)
  • US$   2000 per 40ft container (Dry, Reefer and other special containers)


Effective from December 1st, 2015 (Bs/Lading date)


This increase is applicable on all cargo moving from the following Origin countries:

Japan China India
Hong Kong Taiwan Pakistan
Republic of South Korea Singapore Sri Lanka
Philippines Malaysia  
Indonesia Thailand  
Cambodia Vietnam  
Myanmar Bangladesh  
Australia South Africa  


To all destinations in North Europe, West/East Mediterranean and Black Sea countries including Portugal / Spain / France / Italy / Ireland /

UK / Belgium / Netherlands / Germany / Denmark / Norway / Sweden / Finland / Poland / Russia / Baltic State countries / Israel / Greece /

Egypt / Cyprus / Turkey / Syria / Lebanon / Malta / Bulgaria, Adriatic including Slovenia and inland European countries via said countries.