Please find below the updated tariffs for our Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSS), which will be effective 1st January 2016.

Please note that cargo with origin or destination in the Baltic zone (defined as Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) will be charged an additional 80 USD per FFE

For further information, please contact your local Maersk Line Office.

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* 20’ containers will be charged 50% of the tariff for 40’ containers for all trades except for trades within the scope of Transpacific Stabilisation Agreement (TSA). For those trades, 20’ containers will be charges 90% of the tariff for 40’ containers, as per recommendation from TSA on eastbound corridors and 80% on westbound corridors.

** Transpacific Stabilisation Agreement (TSA) has developed a low sulphur surcharge, and Maersk Line will follow the tariff recommended by the TSA for relevant trades. TSA differentiate per trade direction. On Eastbound trades, for 40HC and 45HC we follow TSA formula, which means that 40HC is 12.5% above 40DRY and 45HC is 26.5% above 40DRYwhile on w estbound trades, 40HC and 45HC have the same value than 40DRY

*** ROE applied is 1 USD = 0,94 EUR & 1 USD = 0,66 GBP