Manual Booking Fee in the United States 

Dear valued client,

We’ve recently enhanced our shipment processing e-tools to make the online booking process faster and easier for you.  For our customers, we have unleashed the downstream benefits of long-lasting productivity improvements gained from conducting business digitally. For us, the efficiencies gained enable our Customer Service experts to focus their attention on exception handling and offering you the highest-level of service possible.

It is as a result of these powerful benefits, that we are announcing the introduction of a Manuel Booking Fee on all bookings made via email or phone. With an effective date of September 1st, 2015, all manual export bookings made in the United States will be assessed with a 50 USD fee.*  Manual bookings will also need to be submitted via our Manual Booking Form found by clicking here.  Bookings made via Maerskline.com will not be charged the Manual Booking Fee.

The following provides more information about the benefits of booking online as well as how to book via the new manual booking form:

1.      Online Bookings via www.maerskline.com offer:

o   A simplified booking process, which allows you to reuse old bookings and save time on data input.

o   Fast turnaround time on your booking confirmations. Currently, 99% of US export bookings are confirmed within 2 hours.

o   Improved accuracy as several data points flow straight from your booking input to your Bill of Lading.

o   A reduction in administrative costs.

o   Continued acceptance of eCommerce bookings via EDI and Inttra at no additional charge

2.      Email bookings via the Manual Booking Form:

o   Click here to view and save the new request form

o   All emailed bookings must use this form and provide all requested information to complete your booking request. If your booking is not completed in the requested form or is incomplete, your booking will not be accepted.

o   Each booking requires a separate form and will carry a 50 USD fee per booking.

o   Completed booking forms are to be emailed to us.export@maersk.com
There are three months until the Manual Booking Fee is implemented, so we encourage you to check-out My Maersk Line today. To get you started, we invite you to click here to watch an instructional video that demonstrates how simple it is to make a booking online.

Please note that if you are a new user, you will need to register for a Digital Certificate prior to completing transactions online.

Lastly, you have our full support in making this transition to online bookings. We have even established a dedicated team to carefully walk you through getting started, if needed. Once you are at the point of making all bookings online, you will quickly start to benefit from both time and cost saving opportunities.

If you have any questions or would like a personal booking demonstration, simply email or call us at 1-800-321-8807 or us.export@maersk.com.

Maersk Line