New Direct Service from Asia to the U.S. Gulf (TP18)

Today, we are proud to introduce our new Transpacific 18 (TP18) service signalling our return to the U.S. Gulf Coast to/from Asia via the Panama Canal.

The new TP18, with direct routing through the Panama Canal, allows for the direct connection of your cargo to/from Houston and Mobile with the most competitive transit times in the market. The TP18 also features a unique to the market offering by providing direct coverage from North China and Yantian to Mobile, Alabama.

The first sailing of the TP18 leaves from Qingdao on 2 May 2016 with a service rotation as follows:

  • TP18 eastbound: Qingdao > Ningbo > Shanghai > Xiamen > Yantian > Busan > Houston > Mobile > Miami
  • TP18 westbound: Houston > Mobile > Miami > Busan > Qingdao > Ningbo – Shanghai > Xiamen > Yantian

Click here to see the new TP18 service maps.

Further, in our efforts to continuously optimize our network, and in conjunction with the TP18 announcement, we will shift Miami from our TP10 service to the TP18 service and add Newark to the TP10. Newark will become part of the enhanced TP10 rotation, offering new direct connections with Busan and shorten the transit times from Shanghai and Qingdao by 6 days and 10 days respectively. This change will come into effect with the Grasmere Maersk 618E departing from Xingang on 6 May 2016.

The updated TP10 rotation will be as follows:

  • TP10 eastbound: Xingang > Qingdao > Shanghai – Busan > Savannah > Newark > Charleston > Jacksonville
  • TP10 westbound: Savannah > Newark > Charleston > Jacksonville > Xingang > Qingdao > Shanghai > Busan

Click here to see the updated TP10 service maps and schedules.