Shuwaikh (Kuwait) – Congestion Surcharge




Due to severe congestion at Shuwaikh which affected the port operations, We have been incurring significant additional expenses to ensure service delivery pertaining to storage cost, reefer monitoring and vessels schedule and reliability, consequently, we are implementing a congestion surcharge of USD 200/container in Shuwaikh on all import and export containers.

This will be effective from 25 August, 2015 for all trades except North America (MECL), the surcharge will be implemented effective from 11 September, 2015.

Please note that we will not implement the subject Surcharge at Shuaiba Port, ‘which could serve as a viable alternative port for your shipments’.

We are continuously monitoring the situation at the port and once concrete operations are reestablished we will gladly reassess the surcharge implementation.

For any questions, please contact your local customer service or sales representatives. You will find contact details of our local office on www.maerskline.com.