Dear customer,


Recently, global organizations SOLAS and IMO have come to an agreement to globally change legislation regarding the gross weight of container cargo. As per 1st July 2016 all containers must be weighed by the shipper/forwarder before being delivered to the terminal. Main reason for the change is that there is currently no rule or process to ensure that the weight being provided for loading is accurate, leading to huge risks to workforce, vessels, terminals and equipment.



Immediate consequences for you as the shipper are that as of July 2016, the Verified Gross Mass weight of every container needs to be provided via any e-channel, before the load list cut-off. Furthermore, it will be the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that the accurate weight, and not a ‘guesstimate’ weight, is being provided. If no Verified Gross Mass weight has been provided, the container will not be loaded on the vessel. Above consequences will provide clarity on the physical weight of the container and will consequently ensure a reduced risk to your cargo/container.



Maersk Line is dedicated to support its customers in this transition by making it as easy as possible to submit the Verified Gross Mass weight, for example via our e-commerce channel my.maerskline.com. Furthermore we will actively coordinate with countries, terminals and vendors to extend the facilities of weighing and VGM submissions to shippers.


More information will follow in the first half of next year. Should you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact your local Maersk Line representative.


Kind regards,

Maersk Line