Pretty tough numbers that MOL tries to press into the market place as alleged part of the tariff, will see, if that will function. ( If really it was part of the tariff so far, question is, if the non application so far was illegal rebating? This definitely depends on the wording in the tariff) We do not see shippers being too enthused about it, espcially as most carriers have problems to correctly allocate contracted volume on ships that tend to be full or overbooked:




MOL Tariff / Booking amendments and cancellations

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to a high number of cancellations and last minute alterations to existing bookings and in view of the associated administrative workload and operational challenges this creates, MOL would like to draw your attention to the existing tariffs which are in place and communicated through our website, .

Please note amendment fees may be applied as per the MOL tariff and following charges can be invoiced accordingly:
Booking amendment fee EUR100
 Rebook a shipment more than 1 time
 Block Bookings charged from 1st amendment

Booking cancellation fee 50% of the agreed ocean freight rate.
 Total Booking cancellation 2 days in advance of CY CUT
 Total Booking cancellation OOG 4 days in advance of CY CUT

Actions that won’t be billed :
 Rebook a shipment 1 time
 Cancellation earlier than 3 days of CY CUT
 Increase an existing Booking
 Change type of Equipment

We thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Should you require any further information please contact your local MOL representative.