Dear valued Customer,

You may receive booking confirmations from MOL recently which have mentioned delivery terminal RWG / Rotterdam World Gateway already. Allow us to inform you that several vessels will make a RWG call for Export loading.



In this regards we kindly request to make sure you will check each booking confirmation for delivery to the correct terminal.


The delivery towards RWG by truck and barge is possible, but unfortunately not yet by rail. If rail is the case, we ask you to contact MOL as we then will change loading at ECT terminal.

Allow us to inform you about an important notice regarding the delivery at RWG. Please kindly note that without pre-notification of your export customs document via Portbase, you have no access to the terminal at RWG (also called Maasvlakte 2).


So please do pre-notify these export documents and ensure maximum throughput. Only in this way can your transporter deliver or collect your containers  straightforwardly.

Please see attached flyer RWG & Portbase for further assistance.
MOL (Europe) B.V.
Friesenstraße 1
20097 Hamburg