14th August 2015



Tianjin Warehouse Explosion

In the wake of massive explosions near Tianjin port on Wednesday 12 th August, MSC would like to, in response, inform all concerned clients that Tianjin Pacific International Container Terminal (TPCT), called by MSC services is located at East Port Area, 6 kilometers from the blast site. Additionally, MSC vessels have been unaffected and we do not foresee further major disruptions to the sailing schedules. All onshore operations have resumed functionality on 14th August, however, customs house will officially accept export and import declarations as of Monday, 17th August but will provide interim services upon special request.

As the Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration has prohibited all loading and discharging of hazardous shipments from the port, MSC Tianjin Customer Service Team will be contacting customers for alternative cargo arrangements. If you wish to speak to our Customer Service Team, kindly contact them via the service number below.

Tianjin Branch customer service number: +86 22 2425 7555