There were times when rate changes happened once a year on TAA and TACA, then we came to GRIs to the start of a quarter or month, now it already happens in the middle of a month so that ratesheets cannot even be valid for 30 days anymore. We are headed for the same rate chaos that we see in the Far East to Europe trade…





NWC / Scandinavia / Baltic Sea to USA West Coast
General Rate Increase (GRI)
20th March 2015

Notice No.: DE-2015-02-025

February, 2015


Dear valued customer,
For and on behalf of our principal MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., Geneva, we like to inform you about the implementation of another General Rate Increase (GRI) in the trade



from North West Continent, Scandinavia, Baltic Sea to USA West Coast with effect from 20th March 2015.


Effective date will be: 20th March 2015
The applicable quantum will be: USD 250,00 per 20’ and USD 500,00 per 40’


The above amount will be applicable on all tariffs and on all the contracts.

In case of further questions please do not hesitate to contact your local MSC office.
With best regards,
MSC Germany GmbH
-as agents for MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., Geneva