Asia Europe Trade:
ECA Announcement for Q3 2015


27th May 2015

Dear Valued Customer,
Please refer to below announcement for the new ECA levels, which is to be applicable from 01 JULY 2015 to 30 SEPTEMBER 2015:



ECA Regulation Surcharge
Quantum : USD 15 / 30 per 20’/40’

Scope : This will apply to every container moving to / from North Europe from / to Asia, Indian Sub-continent, Middle East, Gulf, Oceania.


Effective : Westbound from Asia: 01/JUL/2015 by origin B/L date basis
Eastbound from Europe: 01/JUL/2015 by origin B/L date basis


We will review the quantum on quarterly basis, according to bunker price movement.

Should you require any further information please contact your local NYK office or NYK representative.
Yours faithfully,