Here the latest NYK schedule update:



Dear Valued Customer,
In view of forecast trading conditions, please be informed that we have decided to cancel the following sailings.

Below underlined items are the amended portion of this notice.
– Loop 4 service in WB Week 40 (Intended ETD Ningbo 04/Oct)
EB Week 45 (Intended ETD Le Havre 05/Nov)
– EUM service in WB Week 41 (Intended ETD Pusan 06/Oct)
EB Week 45 (Intended ETD Genoa 09/Nov)
– Loop 7 service in WB Week 47 (Intended ETD Qingdao 19/Nov)
EB Week 52 (Intended ETD Rotterdam 23/Dec)
– Loop 6 service in WB Week 48 (Intended ETD Kaohsiung 24/Nov)
EB Week 52 (Intended ETD Southampton 25/Dec)
– EUM service in WB Week 48 (Intended ETD Pusan 24/Nov)
EB Week 52 (Intended ETD Genoa 28/Dec)
– Loop 1 service in WB Week 01 (Intended ETD Kobe 04/Jan)
EB Week 06 (Intended ETD Rotterdam 10/Feb)
If you have further queries, please kindly contact your local NYK representative.