We published it already a few days ago as our own news, here now the NYK circular:




Announced Strike Actions in the Port of Antwerp

18th November 2014
Dear Valued Customer,
NYK would like to inform you that in response to the latest coalition agreement as released by the Belgian Federal Government, the Belgian national union organizations have called for 3 provincial strike action days and for 1 national strike action day.


The first provincial action day will take place on Monday 24th November, and involves the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg, Luxemburg and Hainaut. The National action day has been announced for 15th December.


It is for this first strike action day that the Antwerp joint harbor unions have called their members to abandon work and setup strike pickets. These will be placed at various strategic locations in the Antwerp port area as from Monday 24th November 06.00 hours until Tuesday 25th November 06.00 hours.


At this moment the exact width and impact of the actions is still unclear. It is however expected that most facilities in the Port of Antwerp will either not be working or cannot be reached. Furthermore we expect that chances are realistic that some delay might occur to our vessels calling at Antwerp during that period.
Hereunder we have summarized the vessels involved and the current set closing- and cargo availability times.



Considering this is an exceptional situation which is being caused beyond our control, NYK Line will not accept any additional costs that might arise from these strike actions. We strongly recommend our customers to avoid carrying out any haulages in the Port of Antwerp during the aforementioned strike period.