Transatlantic Trade Update
Notice of AX1 Blank Sailing

28th November 2014

Dear Valued Customer,
Please be advised of a scheduled phase out operation planned for AX1 – Frankfurt Express 029E – in Europe. There will only be discharging operations up to Southampton on this voyage and a subsequent blank sailing on the westbound voyage.

Please see the following details:

AX1/Frankfurt Express 029E – Blank Sailing in Week 52 (EB- ETA LEH 25th Dec 2014) & Week 02 (WB- ETA New York 9th Jan 2015)
Resumption of service will commence in Week 01 and 03 on Bremen Express 037W/ 037E respectively with the following schedule:


Le Havre : ETA 1st January 2015
Rotterdam : ETA 2nd January 2015
Hamburg : ETA 5th January 2015
Southampton : ETA 8th January 2015
New York : ETA 17th January 2015
Norfolk : ETA 20th January 2015
Charleston : ETA 24th January 2015
Le Havre : ETA 5th February 2015

NYK Line appreciates your continued support. Please discuss with your Sales or Customer Service representative if you have further questions regarding NYK Line services.