HS code and Customer ID Requirement for all Cargoes Entering Iran

According to Shipping Association of Iran, HS code and customer identity number should be stated on Bill of Lading for all cargoes entering Iran with effect from 2 May 2015.

To comply with this new regulation, OOCL respectfully request our customers to provide the following information accurately on Shipment Instruction at loading end with immediate effect:
(i) HS Code of each cargo item with 8 digits, and
(ii) Customer identity number of Consignee and Notify Party
a. Company registration number with 12 digits and national code with 9 to 12 digits if shipment party is a company entity , or
b. National identity number with 10 digits if shipment party is an individual entity

Failure to comply with this regulation may result in cargo clearance delays, extra port storage and detention charges, and potential extra charges imposed by the authorities.

Thank you for your attention.