North America Operations Update

Week of May 30, 2016


Dear valued OOCL Customer,



Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Update


  • OOCL has published a new FAQ on OOCL.com, for easy reference it is also attached below.


  • A dedicated webpage with information on the latest developments on the new VGM requirements under SOLAS is available in our corporate website www.oocl.com under ‘Resource Center’.


For electronic VGM submission:

  • VGM cut will be 1200 day of cut for any vessels cutting off at 1600 or later.  For those vessels cutting off before 1600, the cut-off will be 1600 the prior day.


For manual VGM submission:

  • Timing and submission process is still under review and will be required earlier than electronic submission. We encourage electronic submission to avoid potential delays in loading cargo on vessels.


  • Please click on the appropriate regional link for more information:

USA     Canada     Mexico



Panama Canal Update


ACP is now suspending the 2nd draft restriction of 11.74m; governing draft now reverts back to the initial draft restriction of 11.89m with immediate effect. The new canal locks are scheduled to be in operation commencing June 27, 2016.





OCEAN Alliance


CMA CGM, COSCO Container Lines, Evergreen Line and Orient Overseas Container Line have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a new alliance, the OCEAN Alliance.  Subject to regulatory approvals of the competent authorities, the new alliance plans to begin operations in April 2017.  Additional information can be found here.



Mexico City Truck Restrictions


Due to high levels of pollution in Mexico City, trucks cannot enter the city from 6:00am to 10:00 am.  This new initiative currently remains in effect until June 30, 2016. However, it is likely that the restriction will become permanent.  Affected shipments are those destined for Mexico City, Morelos, Queretaro, Hidalgo and Toluca.  Trucks that are in Mexico City during these restricted hours have to do a complete stop and wait until 10:00 am.  We are working with our vendors to pass through the restricted area outside of the restricted hours.  For the full details of this announcement please visit this website (text is in Spanish).



Service Updates


Trans-Atlantic Trade – Gateway Express (GEX) 1 & 2 Service Update on Montreal Schedule


Montreal schedule adjustments are being made to improve schedule reliability for our Gateway Express (GEX) 1 & 2 services with the following details:


GEX1:  from present Thursday arrival / Sunday departure to Friday arrival / Monday departure

  • Effective sailing is MSC Sandra voyage 728 W20/E22, new ETA Montreal on June 3

GEX2:  from present Monday arrival / Thursday departure to Tuesday arrival / Friday departure

  • Effective sailing is Quebec Express voyage 06 W21/E23, new ETA Montreal June 7


Further information can be found here.


Enhancements for Trans-Pacific Trade:  Asia-North America East Coast Services


In response to the upgrade of the Panama Canal and seasonal changes in market demand, members of the G6 Alliance today announced new product and service updates for the Asia – North America trade effective this summer.


Effective from Week 23, the G6 Alliance will upgrade the Asia – North America East Coast services:


Introduction of new service – NYX


The G6 Alliance will launch a new service called the NYX, focusing on coverage between Central and North China/Korea to the United States East Coast.


PA1 Enhancement


To provide improved schedule reliability for our network linking Asia to the United States and Europe, the PA1 will be enhanced with a new port rotation.


PA2 Enhancement


The PA2 port rotation will also be enhanced with an additional call to Shanghai, focusing on coverage between Asia – Mid and South Atlantic connections.


CEC Enhancement


The CEC coverage will be widened to include port calls at Kaohsiung.


NYE/SCE Combination and NCE Suspensions


As a result of the above enhancements, the current NYE/SCE Combo and NCE services will be suspended.


NYE/SCE Combo.  The last sailing will be the Hyundai Dynasty 046E/W with an ETA to Xiamen on 02 June 2016, ETA Savannah 04 July 2016.


NCE Service.  The last sailing will be the Hyundai Integral 051E/W with an ETA to Busan on 29 May 2016, ETA New York 02 July 2016.


The full details and port rotations can be found here.


Enhancement for Asia – North America West Coast Services


SC2 – effective June 7, 2016 with the arrival of the OOCL Canada 41E all vessel operations and gate transactions will take place at LBCT Pier E.



CC2 Resumption


The G6 Alliance resumed the CC2 service in Week 21 servicing Shanghai, Ningbo, Pusan, and Long Beach (LBCT Terminal Pier F). First vessel arrival is the OOCL Long Beach 97E ETA LBCT June 8, 2016.


CC4 Resumption

As a result, the CC4 service will resume its original port rotation as a shuttle service between Central China and the United States West Coast.


The full details and port rotations can be found here.


Trans-Atlantic Trade – Services Update


To enhance our service coverage in the Trans-Atlantic trade, we are pleased to inform you of the following rotation changes on our Atlantic Express 2 (AX2) and Pacific Atlantic 1 (PA1) services.

Atlantic Express 2 (AX2) – Savannah westbound will be added.


Pacific Atlantic 1 (PA1) – Eastbound Savannah and Norfolk calls to be removed, and calling Vancouver before Tacoma.


The full details and port rotations can be found here.


Other Vessel and Terminal Information


Terminal First Receiving Date

Information for export cargo container receiving windows as reported by North America terminals continues to be updated daily on OOCL.com.


Vessel Schedule

For the most up to date scheduling information please do refer to our interactive point to point or vessel schedule on www.oocl.com.




Truck Power


Truck Power across the USA to perform import store door deliveries and export door pickups is adequate except for certain ports where terminal congestion is causing delays, especially in Oakland.

  • There is a shortage of trucking companies willing to dray hazardous containers.
  • There are no truck power issues in Canada or Mexico.
  • Please see our Truck Power Map on OOCL.com for more information regarding advance timing required for door movements.



Pacific Southwest

  • Terminal operations were normal across the harbor this week.
  • Chassis supply in good supply last week.
  • Truck power remains strong in southern California.
  • On dock terminal rail container average has overall been good the previous week.





  • OICT was severely congested last week with long lines of trucks outside the terminal gates. Gate turn times averaged 53 minutes.  Chronic yard congestion is compounded by chassis shortages.  Dual transactions were shut off early at 2:30pm daily.  OICT was low on pool chassis all week.  Several import delivery lanes were closed every day last week.  The terminal is holding a 4-day vessel receiving window for exports.
  • OICT has been working on implementing an appointment system for all import delivery lanes 2, 6, B and K.  This will become effective on June 6th.  Appointments must be made via www.emodal.com.
  • Also, in an ongoing effort to relieve severe terminal congestion, OICT terminal in Oakland is expanding their night gate operations (for another two-week trial period).  The following additional transactions will be allowed Tuesday-Thursday from 6pm to 3am:
  1. Dry export receiving (this was previously limited to Reefer)
  2. Empty dry container release and receiving
  • The nighttime transactions already in place are:
  1. Refrigerated container handling;
  2. One Stop Free Flow pick up
  3. Wheeled Imports
  • Trapac operations were moderately congested last week. Gate turn times averaged 45 minutes. The terminal is holding a 3-day vessel receiving window for exports.
  • Oakland is short of chassis and truck power; new dispatches are not being accepted for 7 days out.  Truck power situation is primarily caused by slow import deliveries, early afternoon restrictions on dual transactions at OICT, and driver waiting time for a bare chassis to become available.



Tacoma & Seattle


  • Tacoma WUT was operating normally.  Gate turn times averaged 23 minutes.  The terminal posts an announcement on their web site regarding for which vessel(s) they will receive export cargo the following day.
  • Seattle T-18 was moderately congested.  Gate turn times averaged 38 minutes.
  • Seattle-Tacoma is adequate on truck power.
  • Seattle-Tacoma equipment supply is adequate.





  • This week the CN evacuated an average of 2 eastbound import intermodal trains each day from Deltaport Terminal and has experienced some ITM dwelling over the past week.
  • Vanterm Terminal has no OOCL containers at this time.
  • Centerm Terminal is experiencing some very minor dwell times.



CN Montreal


  • CAST Terminal is fluid with negligible dwell times.
  • Termont Terminal operations are fluid.  No containers dwelling.



CN Halifax


  • The terminals remain very fluid with minimal container dwelling issues reported at Ceres Terminal.  There are no ITM containers dwelling at Halterm Terminal.



New York Terminals


  • Gate turn times:
  • GCT Bayonne – 63 minutes
  • GCT New York – 23 minutes
  • Maher – 45 minutes
  • Truck power lead time is 0-2 days in NYC.



Norfolk International Terminal


  • Gate turn time at NIT was 40 minutes.
  • Truck power lead time is 0-2 days in Norfolk.
  • The Columbia Coastal barge, which runs between Norfolk and Baltimore, has reinstated the second Baltimore call, and after pausing for the Memorial Day Holiday, will resume service on Thursday this week.



USA Midwest & South Central


  • Truck power remains adequate throughout the Midwest and Gulf with new dispatches being accepted for 3-4 days out.
  • Equipment supply is adequate throughout both regions with the exception of 40’ and 20’ GP in Houston.
  • Chassis are adequate throughout the region.
  • Houston ’s Barbour’s Cut Terminal
  • Normal operations.  Average gate turn times: 49 minutes.
  • New Orleans Napoleon Terminal is operating normally.



South Atlantic                         

  • Truck power for this region remains adequate, standard 1-2 day notice.
  • Rail ramps and terminals fluid, no delays reported.





  • Services at marine terminals in both Veracruz and Altamira were normal last week.
  • Equipment in Veracruz and Altamira:  40’ and 20’ GP surplus, 40’ HQ adequate and 40’ RQ limited.
  • Depot, trucking, and rail services were all normal.



Yours Sincerely,

OOCL North America