July 20, 2016
OOCL Takes Further Step Forward in GHG Reporting

In OOCL’s commitment to environmental protection and data integrity standards, we are pleased to announce that OOCL has taken a further step forward in our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting by extending the scope to container terminals, namely Long Beach Container Terminal, LLC. (LBCT LLC) in the United States and Kaohsiung Container Terminal (KAOCT) in Taiwan.

Each year, OOCL ensures that such standards are consistent and upheld by certifying our environmental data through independent business assurance service providers.  Accredited by Lloyd’s Register (LR), this is the third consecutive year that OOCL has achieved dual reporting standards through the use of Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) and ISO 14064-1:2006 verification tools.

The initiative this year not only ensures that OOCL’s data disclosure in 2015 is transparent, accurate, complete, consistent and relevant for the carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides and GHG Scope 1 emission data of OOCL vessels and GHG Scope 2 records associated to the electricity consumption of OOCL’s head office in Hong Kong, but also verifying that GHG Scope 1 and Scope 2 data from our terminals are meeting standards.

Commenting on the achievement, John Rowley, Managing Director of Lloyd’s Register Group’s global Management Systems & Inspection Services, said: “OOCL continues to set an excellent example of leadership in relation to GHG reporting and disclosure by consistently increasing the scope of their verification which underpins their transparent and committed approach to sustainability.”

In the verification process, OOCL prepared all the proper documentation and records showing the effective management and internal controls for collecting and reporting of the required data to meet the dual standards.  It also verified the adequacy of the processes being implemented in managing the consumption and emissions data of our vessels, terminals and head office. We are pleased that not a single discrepancy, misstatement and nonconformity was identified.

“We believe the data disclosure and verification being extended to our terminals is an excellent example of OOCL’s commitment to sustainability in the global supply chain,” said Mr. Stephen Ng, Director of Trades of OOCL.  “Looking forward, we will continue to take progressive steps to further enhance our information management of key environmental and emission indicators that will be essential towards strengthening our sustainability profile and broadening our GHG reporting scope in the future.”




This is the fifth consecutive year that OOCL completed the verification by using the CCWG standard and the third year adopting the dual standards.

For more information about OOCL’s environmental initiatives, please visit our “Environmental Care” webpage, or click on our latest “Sustainability Report” for further details.

“Orient Overseas Container Line” and “OOCL” are trade names for transportation provided separately by: Orient Overseas Container Line Limited (“OOCLL”) and OOCL (Europe) Limited respectively and both are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Orient Overseas (International) Limited, a public company (0316) listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  Headquartered in Hong Kong, OOCL is one of the world’s largest integrated international container transportation and logistics companies, with more than 320 offices in 70 countries. Linking Asia, Europe, North America, the Mediterranean, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand, the company offers transportation services to all major east/west trading economies of the world. OOCL is one of the leading international carriers serving China, providing a full range of logistics and transportation services throughout the country. It is also an industry leader in the use of information technology and e-commerce to manage the entire cargo process. (http://www.oocl.com/)