Project Description

Transportation of transformers from China to Kazakhstan

OL is very proud to inform about another sucessful project executed by Globalink: Transportation of transformers from China to Kazakhstan

Equipment for oil refineries are frequently transported to Western Kazakhstan and generally, all these cargoes are over-dimensional and out of gauge.

Recently, our network partner  Globalink’ s experienced Project Department was tasked with handling and working out the most efficient route for the transportation of 2 transformers from Hefey, China to Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Certainly not the heaviest piece handled, but with their deadline fast approaching, the customer needed the shortest possible transit time for delivery to final destination. Always up for a challenge, Globalink’s  Project Team began planning right away. Using in-house resources, Globalink’ s China Office supervised the loading and lashing at origin and dispatched the cargo, where upon arrival at the Kazakhstan border, Globalink’s  Dostyk Office (situated strategically on the border) controlled the offloading and subsequent re-loading onto the waiting rail wagons for the final leg of the journey. Meticulous and thorough planning resulted in yet another successful delivery and in fact the team beat their own delivery time. Comprehensive planning, flawless execution and constant monitoring ensured the job was completed as promised.