Please see here the details about the port congestion surcharge:




Aqaba Congestion Surcharge

Dear Valued Customers,
Due to the recent strike and instability at Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) which affected the port operations, significant additional expenses have been incurred by Safamrine. This accounts to discharging containers in Jeddah, reefer monitoring, and vessel omission as well as delays.

We are forced to implement a congestion surcharge of USD 200/container in Aqaba on all import and export containers.

This will be effective from 1st January 2015 for all trades except North America (MECL) and will be based on gate-in. For North America, the surcharge will be implemented effective 15th January 2015.

We are continuously monitoring the situation at the port and we do hope that all parties will resolve the conflict and stability will very soon be restored to benefit customers and trading in the country as a whole. Once concrete operations are reestablished we will gladly reassess the surcharge implementation.
We remain committed to provide first class service into and out of Aqaba hence it is important to cover necessary additional cost and ensure that our customers keep experiencing top quality services they deserve.