NYK was kind enough to let us have some insights on the trucking problems in the USA in copying us in on a customer circular, which please see below:


Quote from NYK customer circular July 8th:

Dear valued customer,


Truck power shortages are impacting all steamship lines, including NYK.  We are doing our best to meet our commitments to our customers. However, due to truck capacity problems, there is the possibility that carrier haulage moves may be impacted.


The truck power situation has been tightening over the last several years. Among the factors causing this are:


1. Driver Shortages – Driver retention for drayage providers has become a major challenge. Many drivers have left the industry resulting in a shrinking driver pool.


2. Ocean Terminal and Rail Depot Congestion – The congestion at ocean terminals on both coasts limits the number of moves a driver can do each day, as well as creating a ripple effect on future appointments scheduled for those drivers unexpectedly delayed on prior appointments. Rail depot congestion is also a concern where drivers are impacted by long wait time at entry points.


3. Higher volumes as the economy recovers from the recession.


4. The supply of drivers capable of handling hazardous and overweight shipments has been especially impacted.


5. Also, government safety regulations have become much stricter.  Regulations have reduced driver’s hours of service at times when drivers are having to spend more of their in service hours dealing with terminal delays.


We encourage all customers to provide us as much notification lead time as possible regarding your trucking needs. In particular, we would encourage you to be flexible with appointment hours. It has been communicated to the industry that the more flexibility on receiving cargo, the better the trucking community can serve you.


The shortage of truck power in multiple markets is putting upward pressure on market rate levels. NYK continues to partner with our core vendors to maintain a cost effective network and to provide continued service despite these above stated obstacles. Nevertheless, given the marketplace trends, NYK Line may be required to adjust prevailing rates in order to satisfy commercial service commitments. We appreciate your patience and most importantly, your trust in our handling of your business.



NYK Line (North America), Inc.