OOCL G6 Asia to Europe blank sailings

    Quote     Corporate Messages August 25, 2015 Asia-Europe Trade – Service Update     Dear Valued Customer, In response to the expected low demand in October, we would like to inform you of the withdrawal of the following Asia-Europe sailings: Asia – Mediterranean Services     -    EUM MOL Bellwether (BEW) 002 [...]

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MOL Ghana ASHI suspended indefinitely

  Quote     30 Mar, 2015 Dear Valued Customer,   Further to our announcement on 09 February, 2015 which mentioned the requirement of an Advance Shipment Information (ASHI) document from the Ghana  Shippers’ Authority, here to confirm the indefinite of suspension of ASHI.   If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your [...]

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Hamburg Sued, new customs regulation Venezuela

    Quote   Venezuelan Customs Regulations – New Documentation Requirements   Caracas Venezuela, February 03th 2015   Dear Valued Customer: We would like to inform you about Venezuelan Customs requirements for import cargo: Shipping Lines and port agents must submit to local Customs, the electronic manifest (data transmission) 48 hrs. prior vessel arrival (as [...]

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CMA Port of Houston Haz Mat Pre-advice

  Quote   Customer Advisory #13 - 2015 Reminder of PHA Hazardous Pre-advise System Effective September 2009   Dear Valued Customer, CMA CGM (America) LLC reminds all customers of the Port of Houston Authority’s (PHA) Hazardous Documentation Pre-advisement requirements that have been in force since September 2009. The port of Houston implemented this paperless hazardous [...]

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MOL ASHI Number for Ghana

  Quote   09 Feb, 2015 Dear Valued Customer, We wish to advise you that as of March 1, 2015 the Ghana Shippers’ Authority will require an Advance Shipment Information (ASHI) document, generated at the port of loading and covering each bill of lading for shipments arriving at seaports of Ghana.   The ASHI will be [...]

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Grimaldi Ghana ASHI Number

  In theory shipping is easy: Move the cargo from A to B and have B clear with authorities. Instead, the carrier gets drawn into all sorts of stuff, which really is none of his business as a carrier. Here now the latest news on GHANA ASHI:   Quote     Dear all, please be [...]

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MOL notice about dangerous cargo via Antwerp

      Quote   Dear valued customer, dangerous cargoes intended for shipment via belgian ports have to be preannounced at least 24 hours prior arrival towards relevant authorities. This announcement needs to include entire details about the cargo/dangerous nature itself as well as details about transport mode.     This announcement is to be carried out by [...]

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Hamburg Sued Chilean Customs Regulations – New Documentation Requirements

        As mentioned before, shipping gets more and more complicated:   Quote Santiago de Chile, January 22nd, 2015 Dear Valued Customer: We would like to inform you about Chilean Customs requirements for import cargo on vessels going to or in transit through Chile. The following information must be filed on a Bill of [...]

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MOL House BL Information for Japan AFR

  Here the latest news on Japan AFR circulated by MOL:   Quote Subject: House B/L informationsubmission for Japan AFR (Advance Filing Rule on Maritime Container Cargo Information) Dear Valued Customer, Please refer to Japan customs’informationonbelow website (Question item 45) advising “The cargo information of a cargo which is transshipped in Japan and brought to [...]

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