We see more and more notices coming in from the lines where big rate increases are announced.

The GRIs are presently set to take place on July 1st, 2014, more or less directly before summer vacations will start. We are very curious to see, what will happen!  As mentioned in our previous Newsletter, the big question remains, if the strong space demand in the market will survive the month of June. Normally  June is still a strong booking month so that the chances are that carriers will have the “courage” to execute at least a partial increase.

Numbers like USD 400 per 20′ and 500 per 40′ are nothing special, but the trade is used to high annoucements,  which finally end up in moderate increases!

So, please keep in mind that rates may go up as of July 1st, when you calculate your freight costs on the Transatlantic from the North Continent to the US coasts.