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West Coast ports shut down for weekend amid continuing labor conflict • 8:27 PM

Jason Aycock, SA News Editor

  • U.S. West Coast ports will close this weekend — 29 of them — as a nine-month labor slowdown drags on.
  • Loading and unloading is suspended, though the Pacific Maritime Association says some activities will continue.
  • “In light of ongoing union slowdowns up and down the coast which have brought the ports almost to a standstill, PMA member companies finally have concluded that they will no longer continue to pay workers premium pay for diminished productivity,” the PMA says.
  • It’s the first time contract talks have led to a West Coast shutdown since 2002.
  • A 10-day lockout back then cost the U.S. economy $1B/day; the same thing today likely costs over $2B/day.
  • Companies noting the impact of a slowdown/shutdown in their reports, or which would likely be affected: (WY -1.8%); (TSN -0.6%); (UNP -0.8%); (LULU -1.3%); (WMT +0.1%); (ANN +3.2%); (M); (KSS +2.3%); (RL -2.1%); (CRI +2.2%)