It is an ongoing issue that truckers and carriers in the USA do have very restrictive weight policies, following the individual laws in the USA.

We just got this information from MOL as one of the examples of the max weights allowed:

Please find the current maximum allowable gross weight for cargo movements ex / to United States in below:
Max. allowable gross weight US Pounds Kilograms
20′ GP on a slider chassis * 39.500 LBS 17.917 KGS
40′ GP on a standard chassis 44.500 LBS 20.185 KGS
40′ High Cube on a standard chassis 44.500 LBS 20.185 KGS
45′ High Cube on a standard chassis 41.500 LBS 18.824 KGS
40′ High Cube Reefer on a standard chassis ** 41.800 LBS 18.960 KGS
* Max. gross weight can be increased to 44.000 LBS (19.958 KGS), if a tri-axle chassis will be supplied

If caught as being too heavy, normally overweight containers must be stripped down to the maximum permissible weights!

Only cargo that can not be split may obtain a special overweight permit!