9 January 2017


NCM (HS Code) and CNPJ (Tax Reference)


Dear Valued Customer,


In order to adhere to Brazilian legislation regarding Siscomex Carga (IN 797 and 800), it is mandatory, to inform NCM (HS Code) and CNPJ (Tax Reference) as outlined below when sending your Shipping Instruction, for import shipments with final destination in Brazil.


Shipments missing this information will remain on board. The manifest must be sent to the customs system seven (7) working days before the vessel arrives at the first Brazilian port, any delay in providing such information might also block the cargo and delay cargo release. Any related costs will be the responsibility of the shipper.


NCM (HS Code)


Using My.MaerskLine.com

In the cargo description field, it is mandatory to write “NCM:” as a prefix before the number. Use only the first four (4) NCM digits and fill them all in the same line separated by a comma.

NOTE: If you need to use more than 1 line, follow below example including the “NCM:” in the following lines as well.


NCM: 9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999

NCM: 9999,9999,9999,9999



Provide NCM (HS Code) in the NCM specific field available in INTTRA (refer screen shot below)






Above will ensure correct NCM number is transmitted to Brazil Customs.


CNPJ (Tax Reference)


Valid to all platforms (My.MaerskLine.com / My.Safmarine.com / My.Sealand.com and INTTRA WEB PORTAL)


In the Consignee field, it is mandatory to write “CNPJ:” as prefix below the Company Name and Company Address, following this sample:




CNPJ: 99999999/0009-99




If your company has EDI capabilities, please approach your local Maersk office to implement EDI with Maersk to avoid manual intervention for these fields.


Following the above rules will avoid errors and make the relevant data available to the consignee in time to ensure a smooth clearance process.


Best Regards,

Maersk Line